“Zandernatis "Pre-Destination" (abridged) and "Destination" available in a combined French edition entitled "Epreuves".

A first volume of the Trinity has been translated into French and was published in May 2016.

It is essentially "Destination", the second volume of the Zandernatis Trinity, together with a comprehensive summary of the first book '"Pre-Destination", plus a number of crucially important ancillary documents from the first volume (including the Press Articles announcing the discovery of the Haakon Urns and the break-in at the Melbourne Dickenson Research Institute).

Available worldwide from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.


“French and Italian translations underway

By the end of May 2017 we hope to have translations of Zandernatis in French and Italian. These will be based on an “International Edition” which will actually be an augmented “Destination”.

It will contain virtually everything in the Second Volume plus certain components from “Pre-Destination” (such as the newspaper articles)