Ready for yet another astounding disclosure?

Or is it time to seek your own personal truth elsewhere?

At a time of informational overload, it's easy for serious seekers like you to get swamped by all the conspiracy theories and revelations out there. Illuminati? Ancient aliens? The Matrix? Take your pick from everything the "insiders" manage to get onto your screens every day.

Maybe you should take a break from the deluge of urgent wakeup calls like these and find a healing, alternative perspective somewhere else? "Genesis Antarctica" is one way of achieving this via its alternative pre-glacial "Creation" story set in a "Paradise Garden", finally culminating in the events which inspired the "Fall of Man" legend. All based on documents found under the Antarctic ice in 1962 (the famous "Haakon Urn" texts), corroborated in the book by numerous press cuttings, interviews, expert analysis and other compelling evidence.


However, this is a book that must be approached in a certain way. To begin with, you need to suspend all BELIEF and DISBELIEF. Bear this in mind and you will discover it can generate its own ethos and energy. Offering the possibility of ultimately changing the way you think about living at this particular moment (in the illusion) of TIME.

This is because (to quote Albert Einstein), "Imagination is the most powerful force in the universe". Once your imagination has been stimulated by a work like GA, you are within reach of achieving, understanding and creating whatever you want as you become the Driving Force of your own universe.

Readers can react to GA in very different ways:

"I had the most amazing experience reading this book. A vivid flashback to a life I lived in Zandernatis! Perhaps even several lives..."

"Interestingly structured. At first, you must keep reminding yourself it's all parallel reality, but then you forget about that and get completely hooked."

"I found it a very entertaining read, although couldn't buy into the idea that it might all be "real". One step too far for my rational mind."

Enjoy the journey - which can only be yours alone.

by Gordon Keirle-Smith




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