How many "disclosures" have you absorbed this week?

Probably quite a few if you're concerned about all the lies and "cover-ups" we're fed with to prevent us from knowing what's really going on.

But has it occurred to you that all those disclosure YouTube (and other sources) videos (often accompanied by mind-numbing robotic text-to-speech commentaries) might not ALL be "true"?

True or false, most of them are designed to have a hypnotic effect... urging you to watch just a few minutes longer... and longer... doing all they can to prevent you from shaping your own view of truth…

Yet it is only your own unique view of truth that really matters.
A view which reflects your particular position on the Path.

To put it simply;
Real truth only comes from within, never from without.

So how can you awaken this personal inner truth?
Where should you start?

There are of course many, many ways. But, if you have "happened" upon this article at this particular time, maybe that means you should start with "Genesis Antarctica", a unique book (and audiobook) that creates a context which operates according to its own inherent logic, just as "amazing" as anything revealed by any so-called "disclosure". Except that here, we don't have to worry about whether anything is "true" or not. All you need to do is suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to be drawn into the ethos of the pre-glacial civilization in Antarctica which cradled the origins of humanity at a time when "legends were born".

The unprecedented interweaving of ancient texts with news of present day events (reactions in the press to the revelations, articles by experts, interviews with researchers, past life memory regressions, condemnation by religious fundamentalists and even the emergence of a "movement" to promote the civilization's teachings) creates a body of contextual credibility that has a life of its own and is "as real as you need it to be".

Once this framework has been established, changes of a much more subtle nature can take place within the consciousness of those who are "in phase" with this ethos. They can affect perception, understanding and awareness, depending on the subject's degree of advancement.

In our upcoming posts we will be presenting you with the context of such a reality and the foundation of a spiritual path that will initially appear to be the highly personal record of a seeker... The experiences recorded and the impressions perceived will all be open to interpretation. Some suggestions will be made, but the true work of understanding will depend upon each individual reader. Responses will range all the way from outright rejection to an experience of ineffable peace to self-realisation... All of which will transcend the initial premise, making its degree of truthfulness - or falsity - totally irrelevant.

Enjoy the journey - which can only be yours alone.

by Gordon Keirle-Smith


What the story reveals

Origins of Our Myths and Legends

The Architects of Our Civilisation - Progenitors

The Veil of Forgetting

The Purpose of Reincarnation

The Evolution of Our Awareness

The Illusion of Your Own Reality

The Meaning of Archetypes

An Areligious Society


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Experience Antarctica's secret world through award-winning Royal Shakespeare Company audiobook narrator Bill Homewood and actress Estelle Kohler, and the author himself.



What the story reveals